We believe in sustaining and restoring our environment and contributing to the communities that enable our success. Through our green energy business, the GoldenPeaks Capital Foundation and GoldenPeaks Capital Conservation we actively contribute to a more sustainable future.

A more sustainable future
Half a Century ago visionary Rachel Carson told us in her famous book ‘Silent Spring’ about the coming challenges of climate change. But the worlds of economics and politics move slowly, at least until there is an emergency. And so when that emergency comes, it is vital that we act with great speed, intelligence and agility.

Our children, our childrens’ children, the flora and fauna of the planet, all rely on the actions we take today. As founders of GoldenPeaks Capital, we regard the climate change agenda as both a critical responsibility and a vital moment to seize.
Our Environment, Social & Governance model
GPC acts to achieve global climate reduction targets. GPC Energy and GPC Conservation focus on protecting and restoring the environment.
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GPC cares deeply about societal development. Through the GPC Foundation we create social impact and enable change.
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GPC works to high ethical business standards and it values transparency and good governance.
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GoldenPeaks Capital’s UN SDG contributions
GoldenPeaks Capital’s Sustainability strategy allows the Group to align with and contribute to a substantial number of the UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). GPC is contributing to SDGs in the following particular ways:
Through GPC Energy
Affordable &
Clean Energy
As independent producer of renewable energy, GPC is focusing on solar PV in Europe. In the main areas Poland and Hungary, GPC is making already a major contribution to the provision of affordable and clean energy.
Decent work & economic growth
GPC is creating economic growth and job opportunities through their operations within their company and subsidiaries, thanks to strong growth, but also indirect by awarding contractors.
Industry, innovation & infrastructure
GPC is constantly looking to innovate the industry and build the right infrastructure. An example presents a game-changing energy technology, equipped to capturing and storing excess energy generated by renewable sources like solar panels and wind turbines.
Climate Action
With the strong focus on building and providing renewable energy such as solar and wind in Europe, GPC is actively contributing to the United Nation’s climate action goal.
Life on land
Through the integration of rewilding and biodiversity projects in the solar panel sites, GPC is actively fostering life on land by increasing biodiversity, conserving and restoring nature in the countries they operate.
Through GPC Conservation
Life below water
Another focus of the GPC Conservation Foundation is to support projects that safeguard the ocean and marine biodiversity and build ocean resilience.
Life on land
Through the GPC Conservation Foundation, we support initiatives that conserve and restore ecosystems that benefit plant and animal species diversity. Rewilding projects of GPC Energy further strengthen the engagement in this field.
Through GPC Foundation
No poverty
The overall goal to fight poverty is key to the GoldenPeaks Foundation. Several initiatives work towards that goal, be it long-term or short-term such as during a crisis like COVID-19 when many people immediately struggled.
Zero hunger
The GoldenPeaks Foundation believes that no child should suffer from hunger as it is crucial for their healthy development and future perspective. Therefore, it supports projects that address that problem.
Good health & well-being
By funding initiatives that enhance physical, psychological or spiritual well-being or projects that make equipment and necessary tools available, the foundation works towards the United Nations Goal of good health.
Quality education
The GoldenPeaks Foundation supports projects that work towards achieving quality education in countries where young people have little opportunity to develop and realise their potential.
Clean water & sanitation
Especially in rural areas in developing countries, access to clean drinking water and sanitation can be a problem. Therefore, the foundation supports initiatives that work towards eliminating that issue.
Reduced inequalities
By funding global and local projects mainly in developing countries, the GoldenPeaks Foundation helps reducing inequalities.
Our Green Bond Rating
GoldenPeaks Capital has been evaluated the highest sustainability quality score, SQS1, by Moody's for its green bond framework. This top rating signifies excellence in sustainability practices, particularly in financing renewable energy projects. The framework aligns with the International Capital Market Association's Green Bond Principles and incorporates Moody's identified best practices, demonstrating GoldenPeaks Capital's commitment to high standards in sustainable development. This categorical rating reflects GoldenPeaks Capital's significant contribution to sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

The Role of Technologies

New and more efficient technologies are key for a more sustainable future. And the speed of technological development in the renewables sector is necessarily immense. This affects not only sectors for creating efficient energy and vectors for its transmission, but also energy storage and the hardware that the technologies use for roll-out.

At GPCE we are currently focusing on the development and operation of solar PV installations. This includes executing and delivering on Government, Corporate and Open Market Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs): the crucial tools that enable the commercial world to transition to minimal emissions. In this we have deep expertise and effective investment, and we do so in full support of the evolving technological landscape.

From the hydrogen energy vector (which complements solar so effectively), to atmospheric carbon capture; from geothermal to hydro and biomass, we keep fully informed of all the latest renewable technologies, all of which will contribute to a balanced and secure supply grid.

What the experts say

“The sun has not sent us a bill. The wind has not invoiced us. There really is no excuse. The earth has all the power we need”
Dr Asha De Vos
Marine biologist and Jeremy Rifkin economist, 2021
“For over 60 years, I’ve been privileged to witness the natural world in all its wonder, but the planet I saw as a young man has changed beyond recognition. We have the capacity and knowledge to stop the damage we’re doing. What we don’t have is time.”
David Attenborough
“Solar power is going to become so cheap over the next 20 years that it will be the dominant source of energy around the world. And that changes everything. We are talking worldwide of having to spend two or three trillion dollars a year on the installation of solar infrastructure over the next 30 years (that is 3-4% of world GNP)”
Chris Goodall
Businessman, economist, 2020
“More and more are looking to reallocate their capital into sustainable strategies. If ten percent of global investors do so – or even five percent – we will witness massive capital shifts. And this dynamic will accelerate as the next generation takes the helm of government and business.”
Larry Fink
Chairman and CEO of Black Rock, 2020
“By managing what gets measured, we can break the Tragedy of the Horizon. With better information as a foundation, we can build a virtuous circle of better understanding of tomorrow’s risks, better pricing for investors, better decisions by policymakers, and a smoother transition to a lower-carbon economy.”
Mark Carney
As Governor of the Bank of England
“Global heating and its terrible impacts are running ahead of climate scientists’ expectations and modelling. Accordingly, going solar is increasingly about creating hope in hell."
Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE
Environmentalist and writer
“We have all the resources we need to deal with this. There is nothing magical about reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is nothing magical about the greenhouse effect. We know exactly how to deal with it. We just don’t have the political or economic will to do this.”
Professor Stephan Harrison
Professor of Climate and Environmental Change, University of Exeter, 1919
“Until you start focusing on what needs to be done rather than what is politically possible there is no hope. We cannot solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis. We need to keep the fossil fuels in the ground and we need to focus on equity. And if solutions within this system are so impossible to find then maybe we should change the system itself.”
Greta Thunberg
Speech at UN Climate Change COP24 conference, 2018