By developing and operating solar energy sites in ways that restore the land, we work towards mitigating climate change, providing communities with clean, dependable solar energy, while promoting biodiversity.


Restoring Nature’s Balance

Rewilding aims to restore and revitalize ecosystems to their natural state, allowing nature to thrive and regain its intrinsic balance. This means reintroducing and supporting key species that once inhabited the region and allowing them to interact and shape their environment naturally.

By restoring ecological processes, rewilding has the potential to bring back an ecological harmony. It’s a win-win for nature and people, as properly functioning ecosystems can reduce vulnerability to both drought and flooding, increase carbon storage and sequestration and provide more high-quality habitat capable of supporting richer, more abundant wildlife. We work with specialists in the field to merge our expertise in solar with their know-how on land restoration.
“Our goal is to regenerate our ecosystems, reduce carbon emissions, protect biodiversity and develop high-quality solar projects that benefit the communities where we work.”
Adriano Agosti

Biodiversity Management

The execution of our solar projects includes increasing biodiversity by considering local conditions in the area of installation and its surroundings. Based on the natural inventory, a well-prepared Biodiversity Management Plan assures to effectively maintain and increase biodiversity, thus making large-area photovoltaics a driver for ecosystem regeneration.

Examples of activities include flower meadows, grassland, habitats for wild bees, birding, small ponds for amphibians, as well as a general increase of vegetation.

Also, our Conservation initiative contributes to our mission to care for nature by supporting several rewilding projects. Read more about Rewilding here and our Conservation foundation here.

The following illustration is of one of our solar installations with an integrated biodiversity program. Click on a symbol for more information.
Bird breeding site
Reproduction site
Shrub clusters
Floral meadows
Reptile Shelter
Insect Hotel
Bat breeding site

Biodiversity and Solar are key

Climate change is about how we live; biodiversity is about if we live. By harnessing the power of the sun, solar energy provides a clean and renewable source of electricity that reduces reliance on fossil fuels. This transition to solar power helps mitigate climate change, which is one of the major threats to biodiversity.

Furthermore, solar energy projects can be designed and implemented in ways that support biodiversity conservation. Land used for solar farms can be integrated with native plants or pollinator-friendly habitats, promoting the presence of diverse flora and fauna. Such initiatives create opportunities to restore and enhance biodiversity within the project sites, benefiting local ecosystems.

GoldenPeaks Capital addresses both. By producing and trading clean energy, we work towards mitigating climate change and by integrating rewilding and biodiversity projects into our solar panel sites, we work towards biodiversity conservation and restoration.

Taking Climate Action

Climate action is an urgent and vital endeavor that demands the collective efforts of individuals, communities, businesses, and governments worldwide. With the planet experiencing the consequences of climate change, including rising temperatures, extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss, it is crucial that we take immediate and meaningful action to mitigate and adapt to these challenges. Necessary actions involve mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, promoting sustainable land use, enhancing climate resilience, and fostering international cooperation.

By building and providing renewable energy systems, integrating important rewilding projects into the solar sites and investing in game-changing technology for energy storage, GPC is decarbonizing the energy sector and heavily contributing to these actions.