Value Chain

GoldenPeaks Capital Energy has an impressive track record in the solar and wind development sector throughout the entire development process, owning over 2.1GW of existing projects globally and a pipeline of 1GW. Fundamental to this success is our control and management of the complete project value chain: from concept to final delivery, optimisation and storage.

“Our most valuable and unique resource is our people and our relationships. Most of our top team have been with us for many years, and our global network has been built over decades of passionate, successful entrepreneurialism.”
Adriano AgostiChairman

Our EcoSystem


Fundamental to GPCE’s ongoing success is the seamless integration of internal and external partnerships, often with companies owned – wholly or partly – by GPCE. Our background in business-building, international law and asset management, combined with our long-term operational partnerships, creates a reliable bedrock for growth.

Our Process