Solar Energy

Solar energy has greatly exceeded even the most ambitious industry forecasts. Over the last few years, GPCE has become a leading independent producer of renewable energy focusing on solar PV in Europe. We are the fastest-growing and largest owner-operator in Poland and Hungary.

“As the number of corporates and industrials demanding clean energy increases apace, it is expected that the critical demand for solar electricity in Europe – and particularly Eastern Europe – will soon greatly exceed supply. GPCE has become a leading provider of green Private Power Purchase Agreements and is supporting an increasing number of Fortune 500 corporations move towards net zero emissions.”
Daniel Tain
The full spectrum solution
Solar energy is an established asset class with negligible investment risk. GPCE has a unique and rapidly expanding owner-operator infrastructure. We have a team of 60 professionals on the ground providing a full spectrum of expertise, from feasibility and scoping to development and management (via our affiliate, Mercer), to EPC and O&M services (via our affiliate, Spectris), and including all core entrepreneurial, finance, legal and management skills.
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Technology & Benefits
Solar energy has several fundamental technological benefits over other renewables. For more details visit Spectris
Photovoltaic cells have been around for a long time and the technology and application is well-proven and relatively easy to understand. The experience curve drives costs ever lower and today’s efficiencies and economies of scale are considerable.
The sun has the potential to provide all the clean energy the earth will ever need. And the infrastructure and technology will one day exist to capture this. It just needs roll-out in an uncompromised, environmentally and socially responsible way. And fast.
Solar, combined with grid-balancing storage systems, owned and operated reliably, is by far the best solution available to industry for achieving the Net Zero targets. The technology also allows for economic installation in poorer communities, many of whom live in sunnier climates.
Background &
GoldenPeaks founders – Adriano Agosti and Daniel Tain – have an ingrained entrepreneurial DNA having both built successful businesses in asset management, activist investing, real estate and energy over the past 40 years.

The founders have combined disciplines learnt from investing through multiple business cycles across many international territories.

Previous business successes allow the founders to wholly own all of their new renewable energy projects. This is critical in competitive, fast growth markets such as solar energy where decisive actions, quickly executed, make the difference between success and failure.
Existing projects
Additional pipeline
Fastest growing in our regions
In 2021 GPCE became the largest PV solar owner-operator in Poland focusing on a diverse portfolio of 1-20MW projects. To accelerate its growth, GPCE has now moved to high voltage large scale developments of up to 100+MW per site and is developing large scale battery storage systems across its portfolio.

GPCE has also now expanded into Hungary, adapting the successful strategy developed in Poland where we have already acquired a 750MW development portfolio to consist of a mix of Corporate PPA and CfD awarded projects.

Our Solar Supply Infrastructure

With so many companies committed to zero carbon footprints by 2050, it is essential that they infuse renewable electricity into their energy balances. Few large corporates can develop their own workable onsite renewable energy supplies, let alone at speed, and few energy suppliers can cater for big industry.

GoldenPeaks Capital Energy provides contracted provision of clean electricity from our own project facilities and at a scale that can support larger corporate requirements. Poland and Hungary are huge manufacturing hubs for Western Europe, and GPCE’s operations there are perfectly placed to assist them in reaching their emissions targets.

GPCE has also now expanded into Hungary, adapting the successful strategy developed in Poland where we have already acquired a 750MW development portfolio to consist of a mix of Corporate PPA and CfD awarded projects.
Our PPA Contracts
Offered to Corporates for the sale and purchase of GPCE electricity

Typically long contractual term

Secures rates at a time of soaring demand

GPCE set to be lead provider in Poland and Hungary
Complementing Polish Government (RES Act) support scheme

Volume of electricity for auction will support new RES installations

GPCE has secured c500MW of capacity under RES auctions

GPCE intends to commit more projects under the RES schemes
Open Market
Wholesale electricity prices set to continually rise

Short to mid-term contracts available with counterparties

Open market trading allows investors to benefit from price increases

GPCE is developing capabilities to trade in the Open Market.
Growth & Potential
Currently, solar accounts for around 2% of worldwide electricity production only 9% of which currently comes from renewables. But solar energy is increasing its contribution by around 40% a year. This means that the 2% will grow to at least 50% by 2030. By 2050 it will be much higher still, and contributing the greatest part to achieving a zero emissions energy economy.

In addition to consolidating its leading position in Poland and Hungary, GPCE is developing its activities in additional European countries with substantial developments planned through through 2023 and beyond.
Expected global solar energy contribution by 2050