Wind Energy

Wind energy is as important as solar in the renewable energy sector. Off-shore installations have grown exponentially in recent years and, complementing solar technology, it will provide the hybrid solution for the future across diverse geographies.

“Wind energy is central to our knowledge-base and skillset. GoldenPeaks Capital’s wholly-owned EPC, Spectris, is staffed by experts who lead the way in both wind and solar – and therefore also hybrid – energy technology deployment.”
Adriano AgostiCEO

A network of expertise

GoldenPeaks Capital has been investing in wind projects since 2017. Our team has complete experience from evaluation to construction, optimisation and maintenance of wind parks.

Wind farm installations also require a broad network of knowledge, as aero tech, weather systems, structural engineering and building challenges in remote areas require particular process and delivery expertise.

Technology & Benefits

Wind energy complements solar and has several fundamental technological benefits over other renewables. For more specifics, please click here to see the website of our affiliate EPC, Spectris.
Although wind turbines are relatively expensive as unit costs, they are reliable and very low maintenance. They are not vulnerable to soiling and can remain optimally efficient for very long periods of time.
Wind turbines have a very small footprint. And in relatively remote areas (mountains, offshore etc) they do not pose an aesthetic problem either. In fact the latest turbine designs are both graceful and beautiful.
Aside from the making of the units themselves, wind energy does not produce emissions. Wind turbines are clean to operate and maintain, and highly efficient per unit.

Growth & Potential

Historically, wind energy has accounted for a greater proportion of worldwide renewable electricity production than solar. But today, the low cost of solar energy componentry and the potential for its deployment in many areas, means solar is massively expanding its reach. Nevertheless, our expertise in deploying wind developments is exceptional and plan to expand our interests in Europe moving forwards.

Our affiliate company Mercer is expert at establishing projects from scratch and managing the build and operation on behalf of third parties, particularly in Poland and Hungary.
Unlocking the full potential of wind energy will be crucial for the ultimate success of renewable energy deployment. The wind sector is expected to provide 25% or more of global renewable electricity production by 2050.