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GoldenPeaks Capital signs Power Purchase Agreement with Google.

GoldenPeaks Capital signs Power Purchase Agreement with Google.
February 01, 2024
Press Release
Warsaw, February 1, 2024 - GoldenPeaks Capital has entered into a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Google, supporting the tech-company to reach its ambitious carbon reduction targets. 

GoldenPeaks Capital is thrilled to announce an agreement with Google through a 10-year renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This collaboration is poised to play a pivotal role in supporting Google’s ambitious 24/7 carbon-free-energy carbon reduction target by 2030s, complemented by the provision of renewable electricity.

GoldenPeaks Capital, one of the fastest-growing Independent Power Producers (IPPs), boasts a significant track record in Power Purchase Agreements over the past two years. The newest PPA with Google, representing one of the largest Photovoltaic Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PV cPPAs) in Poland, underscores GoldenPeaks Capital’s ability to serve the biggest companies in the world and sustain dynamic growth, enabling renewable energy on a broad scale.

Google has excelled with its commitment to operational sustainability. As a key driver of innovation and progress on a global scale, Google’s collaboration with GoldenPeaks Capital marks a significant step towards a greener future.

Under this transformative agreement, GPC will supply over 137 GWh/year of renewable electricity. This clean energy will be generated with newly constructed 119 MWdc (106 MWac) PV assets. The total electricity delivered is equivalent to the annual usage of 60,000 households, highlighting the substantial impact of this partnership. 

Adriano Agosti, Founder and President of GoldenPeaks Capital says “Being able to team up with Google means a lot to the team at GoldenPeaks Capital and to our goal, to enable companies around the globe to contribute to a sustainable and green future for our planet. We all use the services of this tech-giant on a daily basis – helping to transform this essential basis of our daily work into a greener one, is just thrilling to us.”

About GoldenPeaks Capital

GoldenPeaks Capital, is a company specializing in the construction and operation of solar systems and one of the largest photovoltaic system owners in Poland and Hungary. GoldenPeaks Capital will further increase the pace of shaping the industry of renewable energies in Eastern Europe by applying the seamless integration of all sectors of GPC, such as manufacturing, project development & engineering, financing & structuring, supply chain management, construction & commissioning, asset operations, and commercial & energy sales among others, ensuring an invaluable alignment of methodologies, ethics and goals.

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