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GoldenPeaks Capital signs Power Purchase Agreement with Auchan Polska. 

GoldenPeaks Capital signs Power Purchase Agreement with Auchan Polska. 
February 09, 2024
Press Release
Warsaw, February 9th, 2024 - GoldenPeaks Capital, a company specializing in the construction and operation of solar systems and investing into renewable energy sources across Europe, has entered into a 12-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Auchan Polska to reduce the carbon footprint of the company in Poland. 

Under the Power Purchase Agreement, GoldenPeaks Capital will supply approximately 115 gigawatt hours of carbon free, renewable electricity on a yearly basis, produced by solar power plants in Poland to all Auchan stores on the Polish market. This PPA is an equivalent of powering approximately 52’000 homes in Poland. 

Auchan Retail, is a global, people-centred, historic distributor and a next- generation retailer. With its international presence in 13 countries, it combines all food formats (hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, drive-throughs, autonomous stores, e-commerce) and aims to decarbonize its activities as part of the European 2030 climate plan. 

The Power Purchase Agreement with GoldenPeaks Capital contributes to the mid-, to long-term goals of the company. The agreement is designed to save a 876 thousand metric ton equivalent of CO2 during its agreed tenor. The energy production is planned to start in January 2025. 

For GoldenPeaks Capital, this is the eight PPA in Poland. GoldenPeaks Capital is one of the market leaders and utmost reliable renewable energy partner. 

Alexandre Saussard, CEO of Auchan Polska said: "Expanding our renewable portfolio is of strategic importance to us. The agreement with GoldenPeaks Capital, a trusted partner and one of the leaders of the renewable energy market in Poland, plays a key role in accelerating Auchan’s green energy transition and a successful implementation of our decarbonization plans." 

Adriano Agosti, Founder and President of GoldenPeaks Capital says: “We are proud to contribute to the green footprint of Auchan as a strong international leader in its field. The PPA will empower the company to enhance their share of renewable energy across their operations, contributing to its long-term ambition of net zero greenhouse gas emissions.” 

About GoldenPeaks Capital 

GoldenPeaks Capital, is a company specializing in the construction and operation of solar systems and one of the largest photovoltaic system owners in Poland and Hungary with over 15 years of experience in structuring energy projects globally. GoldenPeaks Capital will further increase the pace of shaping the industry of renewable energies in Eastern Europe by applying the seamless integration of all sectors of GPC, such as manufacturing, project development & engineering, financing & structuring, supply chain management, construction & commissioning, asset operations, and commercial & energy sales among others, ensuring an invaluable alignment of methodologies, ethics and goals. 

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