Technological innovation in the renewable energy sector and associated climate change mitigation is evolving at such speed that it is critical to be ahead of the trends. Embracing storage and hybrid systems is central to our future-proofing strategy.

The coming
of Supergrids

The arrival of supergrids is imminent and inevitable. These cross-regional and international networks will pool together energy sources across great areas. This will create secure, less centralised and much reduced supply intermittency, so smoothing delivery, storage and supply while driving big efficiencies. There are no longer technical or fiscal obstacles to supergrids. Their arrival will further stimulate the renewables investment market in powerful ways.
Methanol, ethanol, DME, toluol and ammonia are simple chemicals which, together with hydrogen, might well become the energy carriers of the future. All will best be produced using renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.

The need for
Hybrid Supplies

Hybrid energy supplies will become increasingly important, underpinning international supergrids which will allow energy production from multiple sources to be seamlessly integrated in a secure, multi-regional network. In the short-to-medium term it is the strengths of solar energy complementing the strengths of wind production - and vice versa, with their weaknesses mitigated - that smooths the peaks and troughs of any regional grid supply. Such hybrid networks are the immediate future ideal.

storage vectors

Energy storage is vital to cater for the fluctuation in demand, but achieving this in a truly sustainable way is the single biggest challenge of the renewables industry.

While advances in battery and capacitor technologies are heavily resourced, batteries are ultimately limited by material use and sustainability compromise. It is the storage of energy by producing hydrocarbons from clean hydrogen and in the use of hydrogen for producing electricity through fuel cell technologies, that offers the pragmatic long-term solution at scale.

At GoldenPeaks we are constantly assessing the complementary technologies that enable and support our investments and ambitions.